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East 17th Place
Aurora, CO,

(303) 386-2251

Way Out There...


Ryan Paterson

Standing at the edge ready to drop. I hear a voice calling me into the deep sea of white. The powder ethereal as cirrus; the taste of ice cold as gravity has its way?  Know one knows how deep it goes. Untouched...

They call this place the snowiest on earth. “JaPow!” they say as the light powder floats over my head. Whoohoo. How far will we go for adventure? Hakkaido? There is more snow here than I have seen in my life. The "worst snow in 20 years," if that is true, more please...Everyone on this island is so pleasant, kind and content appearing while we search for more, deeper, faster.

Wake, eat, climb, ski, climb, ski, climb ski, eat, Onsen, sleep as we travel Japan by Van. From “secret powder zone A” to “secret powder zone B” we were led by Yuki (meaning snow in Japanese). Fitting. Yoi Yuki (good snow).

How about a meal of Sushi, Ramen, King Crab, Curry Soup, or more Sushi? or just a sandwich or rice ball from 7-11?

Rice and salad for breakfast? (arbitrary that we eat these things only at lunch and dinner). So, why not?

More please!