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Way Out There...

Happiest Place on Earth

Ryan Paterson



Wilderness, Altitude, Tropical and Mountain medicine combined. A 200km race thru the mountains of Bhutan. This is a perfect race for my training to shine. A few participants with dog bites, a fall leading to a broken humerus and a short evacuation and much diarrhea and vomiting, but yet people remained happy. 

The Bhutanese along the trails were nearly skipping with delight and the shop keepers, hotel staff, Buddhist Monks as well as our local partners exemplified the national moto. It is easy to understand why they were so happy in a country that maintains more than 50% of its territory as unadulterated forest, rivers, lakes and streams. What beauty. 

This is why we practice expedition medicine. When we travel and are outside of the halls of medicine with its experts we are privileged to interact with people who understand that health and its relationship to pure environment and a life of happiness is enlightening. 

Bhutan truly is a beacon of life and happiness in our world.